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About Us


Established in 1995, The Grand River Booster Magazine is a free monthly small business magazine showcasing the talents and unique offerings of businssess and not-for-profit organizations within Wellington County including the communities of Fergus, Elora, Salem, Belwood, Arthur and north Guelph. 

What makes the Booster unique is our reader-friendly, business-focused format and something called an advertorial which is a paid written article about your business that is proofed by you before we print the magazine.



This method of advertising...


your potential customers in a unique and powerful way.


you're looking for in your advertising.

We offer display ads (or boxed ads) as well, and they can be just as effective. Our ads are the same cost as our advertorials. If you need help, we have a database of ads that we can show you that have worked well for some of our other customers.

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